On the road where the rising sun rises in the east, flowers bloom and slowly return

    The flowers on the fields are blooming, but you can slowly return.

    The flowers bloom on the roadside. If there is no one standing quietly on the roadside and intoxicated by the roadside style, then the flowers bloom lonely and the style is pale... "I like this sentence because I watched Lonicera's work" The Flowers Bloom Slowly and Return on the Roadside "

    In the third month of Yangchun, the wind is warm and the sun is warm. Walking outside the city, looking at the willows leaning against the fields, the wild flowers are gorgeous, and the body and mind cannot help but feel relaxed and romantic. The ancient poem "March style on the street flowers" seems to come with the wind from the horizon, from the depths of history, brushing over the fields, and reaching the heart. The poem belongs to Zhao Yi, a poet from the Qianjia period of the Qing Dynasty. However, looking up from afar, the street style in front of us is truly modern, entering the heart from the eyes.

    Strolling on the street, the mood is poetic, elegant and light, not hasty, just because the flowers bloom on the street; Flowers are the kind of nature, simple and tranquil, not falling into the dust. The "March style street flower" is a kind of artistic conception in which life can shine brightly and people's mood can be relaxed. The flowers on the March street make people love and fool, and the shadows and charm of the flowers have settled in the bones of those who are in a daze.

    Flowers bloom on the streets. If there is no one who walks out of the tired life and quietly stands on the paths and is intoxicated by the charm of the streets, then flowers bloom lonely and the charm is pale. So, the phrase 'flowers bloom on the street, but slowly return' has been recited by countless people. When people return slowly, the flower has spirituality, it blooms persistently, and the charm of the strangers is also stirred to a rich and passionate state.

    Slowly return, slowly return, wearing a "March style" and then picking a bouquet of "Mo Shang Hua", slowly return.

    Slowly returning, my heart is already a flower blooming on the street.

The Time of Rising Sun Leaving Traces - My 2018

    Side A - Time with Traces of Time

    Every time the new and old years turn, I am shrouded in a confused thought, unable to escape, unable to escape, only to let my thoughts become a river in the quietly passing time.

    When did I start feeling so sad again? I envy those who summarize their year-end inventory. For them, the past year has been a bold and fruitful one. If not, it will also be a year of great pride. And in my lost time, it was as calm as water, without any waves, year after year. I didn't take inventory because I didn't have the grandeur; I won't summarize because my summary has never approached my heart. I know how absurd this seems to me.

    I like to sit down quietly like this and think about some seemingly unfounded thoughts. Try not to think about the fleeting time, try not to think about the hurried footsteps, as if afraid that one day in this fast-moving time and space, one will turn into a pile of nothingness. Do you still remember the movie 'Time Thief'? I really want to thank director Luo Qirui from Hong Kong, as the film has left us with so many regrets. In the time that has passed like water, wrinkles have climbed up the corners of your eyes, and white hair has spread to my temples. Time is the best thief, stealing my youth and your beauty.

    Let the time flow slowly, for most people, we are nothing more than some tiny dust in the vast space and time. What if the Year of the Tiger leaves